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Two-and-a-Half-Foot High, Multi-Ton-Boulders,
Retaining Wall and New Landscaping From Country Road Down a Long Driveway to the Homeowner's
Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania Residence

WDB Landscaping used two-and-a-half-foot high boulders weighing more than a ton to create a retaining wall designed to stop erosion and add a dramatic view of the driveway down to a Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania home.

Once the giant stones were in place and the grass raised to meet the retaining wall WDB turned its attention to the long driveway leading to the house from a two-lane Bucks County road. Native plantings were added to the shaped beds designed to show off the colors and greens that WDB added.

If you have a boring driveway with or without drainage or erosion concerns for your front or side yards, WDB Landscaping can design eye appeal and environmental precision. No matter how long, or how short, your driveway, adding the right plantings and colors can instantly beautify your home or business property.

Call our owner at 215-295-2079 for your no-charge estimate; use the quick contact form on the right of send an email to wdb@wdblandscaping.com.