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Natural Cleft Pennsylvania Bluestone Patio (a WDB Landscaping Specialty), Surrounded by Hand-Chipped Stone Sitting Walls, a Pergola, Outdoor Kitchen, Lighting and Sound System for a Home on a Pond in
Bucks County, Newtown, Pennsylvania

For a new home on a premium lot bordering a lake / retention pond in Newtown, Pennsylvania, WDB Landscaping added a large, multi-function patio from Pennsylvania Natural Cleft Bluestone, so-called because each piece of stone has slight contours. In addition to the patio, elegantly piano-curved paver-based steps flow from the family room onto the patio. WDB craftsmen also hand chipped natural stone for the sitting walls that surround the patio.

The large pergola is anchored and surrounded with the same hand-chipped natural stone on all four corners. Our designers also included an outdoor kitchen featuring a gas-fired range, extensive lighting and a modern outdoor sound system to complete the project.

The designers and craftsmen at WDB Landscaping can take your current patio to a new level or create a breathtaking new one that will be a showcase in your neighborhood.

If your property is ready for a large-scale outdoor transformation or a scaled-back, first step patio improvement call us now to for an on-time and on-budget estimate. When our teams arrive to landscape, build, maintain or improve your property you'll be seeing professionals who've won the confidence of homeowners, business people and government property manages across the region for two decades.

Call us now at 215-295-2079 for an estimate; use the quick-contact form on the right, or send an email to wdb@wdblandscaping.com and get ready to love the outside of your property more than ever before.