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20-Plus-Foot-High Cryptomeria, Green Giant Arborvitae, and Holly: WDB Landscaping Creates a Massive,
Deer-Resistant Natural Privacy Screen for a
New Hope, Pennsylvania Residence

A half-acre property in New Hope had mature trees and bushes but not enough to completely screen her home from neighbors and passing vehicles. Warren Brelsford, WDB Landscaping's hands-on owner brought in massive Cryptomeria, green giant arborvitae and holly trees to help separate this beautiful home from it surroundings.

Look at the size of these eight-foot in diameter Cryptomeria, compared against the height of a six-foot-tall WDB team member.

To plant the mature trees WDB brought in a Caterpillar telehandler, a multi-terrain forklift able to move up to five tons from a substantial distance. Note how the "lull" was able to bring the balled tree to its location without having to disturb any properly nearby.

Before planting the four giant trees that enhanced the blind to the Bucks County, Pennsylvania home, WDB prepared the soil with granular vermiculite and worm casings they always add before plantings, regardless of size. The result is a moisture retaining, nutrient-rich environment helping the new planting to survive, thrive and root.

In a second wooded area of the property "smaller" Cryptomeria were planted to enhance the privacy of the home. Finally the front of the house received several different, deer-resistant plantings.

Regardless of your home's location, if privacy between your house and your neighbors' back yards is the goal, WDB Landscaping can bring large trees that can instantly create that privacy or, for the budget-conscious, plan smaller trees that in a year or two can help to wall off your back yard.

Is your property is ready for a large-scale outdoor transformation? Call W.D.B. now at 215-295-2079 to for an on-time and on-budget estimate In a hurry? Use the quick contact form on the right. If you prefer, send an email to our hand-on, local owner, Warren D. Brelsford at wdb@wdblandscaping.com.

Soon you'll be witnessing your back yard being turned it into a world of comfort and home-enhancing beauty. W.D.B. Landscaping has a reputation across the Delaware Valley for designing and installing exciting new and updated residential, commercial and government landscapes, always keeping a sharp eye on our clients' budgets and time schedules.