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Historic Church Gets a Facade-Matching
Landing and Steps Down to Handicap Ramp;
See How WDB Landscaping Tames a Near-Petrified,
Perhaps 200-Year-Old Sycamore Stump, a Tough
Challenge Other Landscapers Would Never Attempt

Yardley, Pennsylvania is an historic Bucks County borough along the Delaware River that was founded in 1682 by William Yardley who emigrated from England to settle on 500 acres he bought from William Penn.

Along Yardley’s Afton Avenue a short distance from the intersection of Main Street, St. Andrew’s Parish sits on land that borders small and picturesque Lake Afton.

The original St. Andrews was built in 1827 to resemble a meeting house and approximately 60 years later it was remodeled into the, “quaint church that now houses the parish.

WDB Landscaping accepted the challenge to redesign and then install a new landing, steps and walkway to replace the rickety wooden steps and landings that led from the parish house down to a handicap ramp and the parish house basement.

The 500-pound-gorilla on this project was a near-petrified Sycamore stump and radiating roots that may have dated back to before the time the church was founded. At one time the giant tree towered over the church grounds before it was felled by a violent storm one hundred or more years later.

One photo shows the stump (#1) and an arrow representing one line of its extensive radiating roots, in this case exactly where the new steps needed to be installed. Also pictured were the two landings: the first from the church (#2), and the next landing (#3).

Removing the stump and roots that ran the length of the new walkway became a herculean, week-long task but WDB and its teams were up to it. From the sheer weight of the solid near-petrified wood see how one large piece of the stump pushed a compact track loader's bucket down onto the parking lot (the loader is rated for nearly two tons) and tilting the operator's back off its track and into the air.

Many days of stump grinding were required, employing one of the most powerful stump grinders available, followed by tons of fill before the skilled hardscapers at WDB were able to replace the concrete steps, the landing and then steps down to the handicap walkway.

Paying close attention to the history of the church, WDB replaced the steps from the parish house and the first landing with natural stone matching the veneer of the parish house, the careful detail that WDB Landscaping bring to all its projects, big or small.

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