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Established Yardley Cape Cod Replaces Old Concrete Steps and Walkway With WDB Landscaping Perfect-Cut,
No Cleft Natural Pennsylvania Bluestone Down to
Driveway, Then Adds New Landscaping To Both Sides

This established Yardley, Pennsylvania home had a concrete front step and walkway for many years when the homeowner decided to upgrade the property with a new walkway, steps and accented landscaping on both side of the walkway where it meets the driveway.

Proving again that WDB Landscaping projects can be designed for homes and budgets of all size, we chose perfect-cut natural Pennsylvania bluestone to modernize the steps and walkway, with colors that added significant curb appeal. Because they were needed for a walking surface, especially front steps, the stone had no clefts.

Once one of our teams rebuilt the step and faced it with hand-cut stone on the front and sides we added the bluestone as a veneer down to the driveway in a pleasing curved pattern.

Finally, we planted a series of shrubs and plants that complemented the color of the walkway.

Got an old concrete walkway that's read for upgraded replacement? Call our owner at 215-295-2079 for your no-charge estimate; use the quick contact form on the right or send an email to wdb@wdblandscaping.com.