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WDB Also Builds New Basements; We It Did For This
Two-Story Home's Expansion in Yardley; It's A Service Many Builders Do Not Know WDB Landscaping Offers

A Yardley, Pennsylvania homeowner decided to expand "down and up," so he called WDB Landscaping. We worked with the building contrator to excavate for the new basement and enlarged befrooms above it by constructing a code-meeting, strong foundation.

After excavation we purged the wall, facing it with concrete and an additional waterproofing layer, along with the drainage system around the perimeter of the concrete floor.

It's natural that a skilled landscaping company like WDB, that designs and constructs large and intricate outdoor projects involving huge retaining walls, tons of boulders and tons of fill, would also go below the ground to build solid bases for a structures.

In addition, although this project did not require it, many contractors and property owners do not know our teams also pour large concrete jobs for homes, businesses, government buildings and schools.

If you need a foundation for a remodeling job ask your contractor to call our owner at 215-295-2079 for your no-charge estimate; use the quick contact form on the right of send an email to wdb@wdblandscaping.com.

And when the new construction is done, our teams will swing into action to make sure your landscaping is up to darte and attractive.