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WDB Landscaping Turns Spalled
Concrete Front Steps of a Morrisville Cape Cod
Into a Modern Look With Stone Veneer and
Hand-Chipped Stone Side Facing

This Morrisville, Pennsylvania cape cod had solid concrete front steps that had spalled over over the years. Freezing winters had taken their toll. That where WDB Landscaping came in. In another small job that made a giant difference to the homeowner we spruced up the entire home with natural stone solution.

We added natural stone veneer to the top and hand-chipped stone facing to the side. The result is a modern, attractive front entrance.

No matter how big or small your home, whether you're in Tullytown, Pennsylvania, or Somerset County, New Jersey, WDB professionals can design and install just what you need in landscaping, hardscaping, and concrete. We'll complete your job on time and on budget. Call now to see how WDB can improve your residential or business property.

Call owner Warren D. Brelsford at 215-295-2079 for your no-charge estimate; use the quick contact form on the right or send an email to wdb@wdblandscaping.com.