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Stunning Patio, Pergola, Outdoor Kitchen,
Fire Pit and Swimming Pool Enclosure
in Bucks County Pennsylvania

For a beautiful new home in an estates area of Newtown, Bucks County Pennsylvania, WDB Landscaping transformed a steeply sloped, downhill-rolling back yard into a magnificent outdoor living space that incorporated a 1,200-square-foot, perfect-cut Pennsylvania natural bluestone patio with an outdoor kitchen, fire pit for chilly evenings, and simply gorgeous pergola. To cap off the project WDB used tons of stone, wrought iron and plantings to secure and complement a new swimming pool just off the patio area.

For the steep transition down to the new swimming pool and enclosure WDB used natural stone boulders for steps as well as for bulwarks for the retaining walls necessary to support the patio. The project required 150 tons of 3/4-inch modified stone and 300 yards of topsoil to elevate the massive patio up to house level and landscape the surrounding lawn area. In addition, the project was threaded with a circulatory system of tubing for the automatic sprinkler system we designed and installed. After the pool was completed WDB added boulders, tons of river rock and a waterfall.

After design-build we finished the project by enhancing the entire property, front, back and both sides with trees, plantings, ground cover and other landscaping features, including indigenous and environmentally friendly plantings.

Is your property ready for a large-scale outdoor transformation? Call WDB now for your on-time and on-budget estimate. You'll be dealing with the owner, not a big corporation with offices way out of town. Warren D. Brelsford knew as a kid that he wanted to be a landscaper and once he gets new clients they stay with WDB year in and year our. Get onto WDB's schedule and when our teams arrive get ready to watch your back yard being turned it into a world of comfort and home-enhancing beauty. WDB Landscaping has a reputation across the Delaware Valley for designing and installing exciting new and updated residential, commercial and government landscapes, while always keeping a sharp eye on our clients' budgets and time schedules. Call us at 215-295-2079, use the quick contract form on the right, or email wdb@wdblandscaping.com to get your new landscaping project started now.